About Wonderfully Made NC

I started this business when I found out how wonderful breastmilk is for my baby's skin. My momma-in-law told me about breastmilk lotion and soap and I thought it was so cool since I had been applying it to my baby's skin already! I did not think about selling it in soaps and lotions. It was such a great idea! Of course, some may think it is a bit strange or gross, but breastmilk is natural and it it's healing properties are amazing!

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Healing Properties in Breastmilk

My baby had a rash on his chest and face when we brought him home from the hospital. I was very upset when I saw how red and bumpy it was. I started putting my breastmilk on it and in just 2 days, the rash was gone! I was so excited to find a natural way to help my baby. That's what I want to do for you. If you don't breastfeed and are looking for a natural remedy for rashes or sensitive skin, try out my breastmilk soap or lotion. It's great for your baby's skin. It's great for ALL skin types!

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

“I love how the lotion makes my skin feel! It feels like the expensive creams I had been buying all these years. The sweet orange soap is my favorite! It's so refreshing!”