Tampon Shortages!?!

Have you noticed shelves are empty when you head to the tampon section? I have. I wanted to write this article to discuss some options that I have found that can not only help you save some money, but also provide a good back up plan if/when we cannot get the everyday products that we need for our period in stores (like now). There are so many sustainable period options. Choose the one that is right for you!

This article contains affiliate links. This simply means that if you purchase a product that I am recommending, I can make a commission at no cost to you. Please keep in mind that the products I recommend are products that I love or have worked for me personally.

Thinx: Period Underwear that you Throw in the Washing Machine

A few months ago, I purchased my first pair of Thinx period underwear and I absolutely love them! I purchased them at CVS Pharmacy with a COUPON. Yes, I got Thinx period underwear priced under $20 at my local store AND a CVS store coupon for feminine care products was attaching on my CVS app. Amazing. After using my Extrabucks rewards, I now have three pairs (that I purchased over a few weeks to get new coupons/extrabucks). I love couponing and a good deal, and I had no idea that I could get such a high ticket item for free or really cheap. Anyway, this is not a couponing article, but I just really wanted to share this information, because I don't think it is common knowledge that you can get a pair of Thinx underwear for an affordable price and even FREE and from your local drugstore (I got a pair for free because of combining my CVS store rewards and store coupon)! Now to my review on Thinx underwear!

You can also get them on Amazon or directly from their website! I have the briefs super absorbency like this one pictured below!

My Thinx Review:

After getting my pair, I washed the underwear according to the care instructions, and they were ready to go for when aunt flo came! I only got one pair at first to try them out. Now I am slowly increasing my stash. For my first use, I used them at night and was so impressed with how well they worked and how comfortable they felt. I didn't have any leaks like I do when I use regular underwear and pads. I was very impressed! The absorbent (crotch) part of the underwear is noticeably thicker than the rest of the underwear and is 1000 times more comfortable than wearing a disposable pad. The one that I have is the super absorbency (absorbs up to 5 tampons worth), medium briefs. Right now I wear them overnight and wear tampons during the day simply because that is what is most comfortable for me. Now that tampons are a "luxury" since there is a current shortage, I am so happy that I have at least 3 pairs of reusable period underwear. I find comfort in knowing that I can use 2 pairs during the day, 1 at night, and have enough time in between uses to wash them until I get some more pairs. So far, I have had no issues with washing the underwear. I like to do a pre-rinse in the sink before throwing them in the wash, but this step is totally optional.

Menstrual Cup or Disk

I have personally not used this before, but know some ladies who have and they say great things! This reusable period disk has some great ratings on amazon!

Reusable Menstrual Pads

You can use reusable pads instead of reusable underwear if you prefer! Here is a great option!

Not a fan of reusable/washable options?

Organic cotton tampons and pads are a great option! Most of the products advertised to women are full of harmful chemicals and bleached cotton. I made the switch years ago to 100% cotton menstrual products, because it felt like a much better choice for my overall health. You can find these at local drugstores and online.

I really like Lola and have also used local store brands as well, such as CVS 100% cotton tampons and pads. Make sure to read the ingredients! The best tampons and pads are 100% cotton and are free from bleach, toxins, and dyes.

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