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10 Newborn Photography Tips

  1. After you have received a deposit from your client, send them a questionnaire to get to know them. Ask their names, the baby's name/sex, what poses they like, what colors they like, if they have a theme for the nursery that they'd like to carry over into their newborn portraits, etc... Literally just anything that you would want to know to make their experience better!
  2. Schedule the newborn session 7-10 days after the baby is born. You can have your client contact you after they have their baby and set the exact date and time then.
  3. It's always good to wash your hands before touching the baby.
  4. Make sure to have some hand sanitizer in your sudio or bag you're taking to the client's home. You can use this several times throughout the session to keep those germs away and make your client feel more comfortable. Nowadays, it may be appropriate to wear a mask.
  5. Hold the baby for a minute or two to get acquainted with each other.
  6. Bring wraps and props that you need to get the shots that the client is looking for. My favorite wraps are stretchy and soft kind!
  7. ALWAYS use a camera strap when photographing a newborn.
  8. Use a white noise machine to help the baby sleep.
  9. Use a small space heater to help the baby stay warm. (keeping the heater a safe distance from the baby.
  10. Explain the poses to the parents and make the baby's safety a priority during the entire session. It can help to explain what you're doing, because sometimes a new mom or dad can get nervous about someone holding/posing their baby. This can help them understand how gentle and patient you're being with their little one.

Newborn Photography


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