Ya'll, this is such a cool kitchen gadget for your kiddo! I love how my son wanted to get involved with me in the kitchen so I got him this kitchen buddy step stool and he loved it right away! He wanted to stand up with me and that's where he wanted to eat his breakfast sometimes at the counter. I definitely recommend this step stool if you're looking for ways for your kiddo to get involved in the kitchen. (This post contains amazon affiliate links.)

This 10 piece kitchen set is so adorable and practical for you little one to help out in the kitchen. Remember, the most important part of montessori learning is taking your time, and letting your child learn and experience at their own pace. I think that's my favorite part about it.

The last gadget that I think is so cool for montessori learning is this timer. I love how it helps your kids visualize how much time is left. It can be used in the kitchen as a cooking timer, or simply as a timer to let them know how much time they have left before it's time to do the thing you're asking of them. Super cool!

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